Its that time of the year, it’s Spooktober. Where all spooky things come alive ghouls, ghosts and monsters. That means spooktober challenge, 31 drawings of all things spooky. Expect to see a variety of monsters, creatures, strange and random things.

Robots, Robots and more Robots.

Robots, Robots and more Robots.

Im currently creating a series of robot characters using vector based shapes to create the forms. Looking at the different ways in creating light and shaded areas with the use of shapes.  Im enjoying the different robots that I have created making sure that each one is different in proportion and shapes used.

Here is an example of one of the robots created. Showing the different shapes used create the character and how shadows and light areas as well.Little Green Robit A5

Exploring with Textures

I created a character and decided to try out some texture brushes I had. I was unsure how they would look and what the outcome would be.

Character non texture

This is the character before texture brushes. I like how this style looks, very cartoony and simple and not to complex.

character texture

This is with brushes added. The brushes have add more depth to the character and doesn’t look as flat and has texture to it.

I’m undecided which one I prefer, I like the cartoony style of the first one but the textures of the second are interesting. Maybe more experimenting is need to discover more outcomes.


Last few days I have been experimenting with my digital work and exploring new outcomes. I’ve looked at adding more line work to my illustrations and looking at how that visually changes my work. It adds something new to how I was approaching my illustrations as it gives a more personal touch with the drawn lines, but I visually like how the vector style looks and creating shadows with shapes. Maybe next step is to try and combine these two process into one style.

New Characters.

Currently working on some new characters experimenting with shapes, and using more of the pen tool. Here is a little sample of one of the characters, more too come.

Posh Shape upload


I have created a little selection of a few halloween images I made. I enjoyed creating these as I have learnt more about the program I am using which is fun. More images on the way.Halloween Collection One

My Work.

Some of my work from my third year at University. Three images for the story The Iron-Man by Ted Hughes, and the fourth image for the book ‘Can you catch a mermaid’.